Monday, March 17, 2014

New Adventures!!

I do apologize for not checking in with you guys as often as I should, but I've been having all kinds of new adventures.
For starters, I've been getting lots of practice riding my bike. Rules and regulations require a helmet, wrist bands, elbow and knee pads. I can barely move, much less ride a bike with all that on! But I’m a trooper.  Check me out all padded up and ready to ride. 

I'm in motion!
Pedal Pedal Pedal!! 

Since the weather hasn't always been the best, I've tried my hand at a few new indoor activities. . . like shooting pool. . .
and making pizzas at home . . . well actually at my friend Isabella's home.
or sometimes, I just kick back and watch a movie with my furry friends!
All this activity keeps me pretty busy, but never too busy for you! 
Catch ya later . . .