Sunday, June 26, 2011

TIB ~ Take It Back

In one week I received two memorable comments.

Monday, while in wal-mart a lady stopped to admire Jenesis.  We began to chat and she asked how old was Jenesis when I got her ears pierced. I told her two months and she goes on to say her daughter won't pierce her granddaughter's ears for fear of the granddaughter pulling on them; then she adds; "she's too over protective anyway I think it's because she was 42 when she had her" to which I  reply, "I was 39", and her husband, who has been silent during the entire conversation,  screams YOU'RE 39. . .eyes wide as saucers. It was hilarious. I tell him "thank you for today's ego boost" he's still staring at me incredulously. I walk away smiling like the Kook-Aid man.  

Fast forward to Thursday, I'm NY&C the cashier starts in on how adorable Jenesis is and she asks me how old is she and I tell her 5 months; her reply, "and you're pregnant again?" I politely tell her "no". She doesn't miss a beat; she just keeps on chatting about how it's posbbible blah blah blah.

I tell you all this because it's it just like the enemy to try and kill your thunder. I was soo excited about the man in walmart being shocked that I look so youthful for 39 (at least that's how I received the comment); then the enemy wanted to bring discouragement by having the cashier in NY&C ask me am I pregnant (basically insinuating, I'm over weight!) . Any woman knows someone mistakingly thinking you're pregnant is CLEARLY an insult! 

But I will say this . .. she did help kick me in gear. For the last month I've been saying I need to start exercising. Well, I've taken the first step by blowing the dust off my turbo jam videos . . LOL!

So, enemy you thought you were going to crush me, but instead you've motivated me!!

TIB - Take it back - That was the word in church today and I'm applying it here. . .I take back my original excitement about looking good for 39 and refuse to let the devil fill this pretty little head with thoughts of insecurities. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We recently celebrated Aaron's First Father's Day. Aaron is an  amazing father. Jenesis has truly been blessed beyond measure. I am especially grateful that he is my awesome husband.

Looks like whatever he's reading is rather amusuing. . . . . ..either that or it's some money in that card. LOL

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bon Appetit!!

It seems like yesterday Miss Jenesis was an itty bitty baby herself, but let me tell you, times flies!! This little Buttercup is sitting in her cute high chair / booster seat being spoon fed. That didn't last long though; the process was too slow for her. We put the cereal milk in a bottle and let her finish up! To be honest,  we weren't sure how that would go over because she hadn't been taking bottles, but I guess she's working with us newbies. So, now Daddy gets an opportunity to feed her as well. Bon Appetit!!

Babies on Board!

The last two weeks have been sooo exciting. In my personal circle God has chosen to give 3 new babies life; 3 families a new love; 3 more people who Christ died on the cross for.

Introducing . . . .

The oldest of the trio . . Mr. Andrew Lincoln ~ The baby boy of our good friends Anthony and Tricia. He was born May 28th weighing in at 6lbs / 8ozs and 19 3/4 inches. Cute as a button!

Miss Janay Alyse ~ The daughter of my Sister Tamira (and Brother in Law, Corvan). She was born June 6 weighing in at 6lbs / 11oz / 19 inches. Check out her dimples. My Momma  and Daddy were blessed with two granddaughters in one year! ohhh, I named her!!!

Our friend Jessica's sister gave birth to Miss Yvanna Elizabeth on June 7th. She weighed in at 7lbs / 6oz. / 19inches. A little cutie pie!

Lord, we thank You for these precious new lives! We thank you in advance for Your continued protection and blessings over these children and their families. Deut. 28!