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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Overcoming My Fears

I am not a fan of ANY unstable ground. If it moves or shakes in anyway I steer clear. That being said . . .bounce houses are NOT my friend!!!

I encountered a bounce house with a slide. Ohhhhhhh how I wanted to go down, but fear was holding me hostage. I climbed up and looked down with a mixture of anticipation and fear, many times.

My parents were encouraging me. I trust them and wanted to go, but fear just wouldn't let me slide.

Then, I just stepped out on faith and took the plunge. I realized, not only was it not so bad, but it was really FUN!
Once I overcame my fear I wanted to do it over and over and over. I felt the need to make up for the time I lost being afraid.
If there's anything you're afraid of, take it from me . . . DO IT AFRAID!
The outcome will be rewarding.