Sunday, December 18, 2011

Funny Faces

Every now and then I make faces at the papparazzi. . . .

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Daddy Cracks Me Up

Check out Jenesis and her Daddy playing "peek-a-boo"
(wait for video to load and click play)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Crib

We've been "cosleeping" / "bedsharing" or whatever the experts call it for 9 months now. I haven't had a problem with it so why go changing things?

My parents obviously have a problem with this arrangement.
They think I don't see them reading that book "52 Gentle ways to get baby to sleep". I know how to just fine, as long as I'm nestled between their warm bodies.

They tried to put me down in a foreign spot "my crib" for a nap. I was NOT having it. They let me cry for almost 45 minutes. I have never cried that long. That wore me out, but I have a strong will and would not go to sleep in the foreign spot. They finally surrendered.  Soon as I was safe and secure in Mommy's arms I went fast asleep.  (Jenesis 1 - Mommy & Daddy 0).

After dinner, my Daddy gave me my bath, read my story and sang to me. Before I knew what happened I was sleeping good. Once he was sure I was good and gone you know what he did . . .yep you guessed right. He put me in the foreign spot. I was too exhausted from my fit earlier to  put up a fight (Jenesis 1 - Mommy & Daddy 1).

Stay tuned as the Campbell Family Feud continues!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Walk

My Daddy is hanging out with me and Mommy this week. He joins us on our daily walks and everything. When we started our walk this morning it was cool and windy so Mommy had me bundled up. My Daddy pulled my stroller to keep me safe from the wind.

The ducks were enjoying the great weather along too. I wanted to pet them, but Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me. (they won't let me do anything).
It was really warm by the time we headed home. I was footloose and fancy free. Too bad Daddy couldn't get comfty like me :-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Cultural Experience

I had my first cultural experience and it was cool. I went to the Dallas Museum of Art. We learned about  Mark Bradford whose career didn't jumpstart until he was in his 40's. Mommy says that inspired her! I saw African headwear, and learned why hats are so important to various cultures. Unfortunately, they didn't allow us to take pictures of the headwear. It was beautiful.

Very Interesting!

I'm holding on to Drew & hoping he'll pull me out of this stroller on the sly!!

Me and Mommy

In front of a muriel across the street from the Museum

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My New Teeth

For those of you who have had teeth for awhile you don't have to put up with the torture I endure.  My parents are continuously trying to look in my mouth. They want to see and photograph my two beautiful new teeth. It has been a painful journey getting them in, but from what I hear no pain no gain is a way of life.

I am contemplating giving them a view of my new choppers.
Alright already!!

Obviously the view I provided wasn't good enough because Daddy is holding my bottom lip while Mommy snaps a better shot. You just can't please the papparazzi!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jenesis . . The Entertainer

I don't know what Mommy & Daddy did for entertainment before I arrived?!
 For your viewing pleasure; I have attached three of my best videos. 
(For me to be only 9 months I have an extensive video library) 

(reminder : let the videos load; click play)

(Lip work ~ My personal musical instruments)

(American Idol)

(America's Next Top Model ~ The Crawling series)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mommy's Month

Mommy didn't lose the 20lbs she was aiming for, but she  did lose 5lbs and some inches. She plans to keep working hard and reach her goal before God plants a sibling for me!! But let me tell you about a few other things she did this month. 

She completed her first 10k (6.3 miles) in less than an hour and a half. She averaged about 13 minutes a mile. (we know this because my Uncle Reu has a super cool app on his phone that was doing all the calculating).

Me and Daddy celebrating with Mommy after completing her run. It was too early in the morning for me!!

My Uncle Reu, My Mommy and My Gran

Immediately following the run she had a small part in a gospel play. Yet again, another first for Mommy.  She hs making me and Daddy so proud.

Last, but not least, September 30, Mommy turned 40! She thanks God for the 40 years He has so graciously granted her and she looks forward to at least 40 more. It is her plan to live the next 40 with just as much zeal,  if not more. For the next 40+  she has a lot more of God's wisdom to guide her along the journey so it's going to be even more fun.

She looks forward to the leaps and bounds on the horizon of this thing called LIFE. What will the challenges be, the triumphs! Like David ran to Goliath she is running to her future. She knows with God as her guide she can do anything.

Stay tuned...

Miss J.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cowboy Fan

Not "those" Cowboys! You know, I live in a Philadelphia Eagle fan based household!

Last night I attended my first high school football game. My cousin is the quarterback for Cockrill Cowboys. So me, my Mommy and Daddy went to cheer him on!

I'm watching closely to see who has the ball and what they're going to do with it!

Mommy and Daddy obviously not paying attention!!! 

There's my cousin making a run for the touchdown!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hear Ye Hear Ye . . . Public Announcement!

Dear Readers:

Effective immediately Campbell Castle Chats has been taken over by Jenesis Olivia! All future post will be from the mind and mouth of Miss J.

Thank you for your continued support during this transition.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Waving At Mommy

Jenesis took a break from riding her dinosaur and gave me a wave. You can tell she's getting comfortable with the camera. In the past she'd instantly stop what she was doing and I wouldn't get any good footage. However, here lately me playing the role of the papparazzi is paying off!!
(wait for the video to load; click play and get a wave from Miss J)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Dedication

Sunday, Jenesis was dedicated to the Lord. I feel like she was dedicated in the hospital when my Dad prayed, spoke words of life,  and asked the Lord to watch over and keep her. So, she's been double dedicated. You can never ask Him to keep you too many times. 

The entire day was awesome and spirit filled.  It's such a wonderful feeling to know God has trusted us with this little life, to mold,  nurture and raise in the admonition of the Lord.  We are so blessed to have a community of friends and family who serve the Lord, and have vowed to stand with us on this journey. We had a small celebration after the dedication. See photos below and a special video :-)

Dressed and ready for her big day.
Dedication Cake

Gifts received from friends and family

~  ~   ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This little girl may look like her Daddy's twin, but she proves her Momma is ingrained in her. For instance, she has been scooting backwards for about two weeks, but today Aaron was eating and she took off CRAWLING FORWARD determined to get to his plate. Motivated by food (definitely a trait she gets from her Momma).  Click play on the short video below to catch her in action.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Delightful Visit

Jenesis had a visitor this weekend. Mr. Andrew came by and she was super excited. Unfortunately I didn't catch his arrival on video. How was I suppose to know she was going to squeal like a schoolgirl.  I LOOOVE her little squeals. Yes, I know, I got it bad.
This video shows her bidding him a farewell. I'm sure you'll enjoy.
 Click on play and give the video a moment to load.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Progress Continues. . . . .

I'm really slipping. . .we're halfway into August and this is my first post. Well get comfty because it's going to be a long one. I have some catching up to do.

Is this the year of babies or what???????????

The newest baby on board is Mr. Elan Jerome. He is the 6th baby born this year. (that we know personally of course). Proud parents Jerome and Tamara (and big sister Tamari) welcomed Mr. Elan, July 18th ~ 8:28am (7lbs /10oz/20in).  He is adorable!!! I'm using these pictures of him and his sister because I marvel at how much they look alike.

Previously (July 22), I informed you that we needed to lower the mattres on the bassinet because little Miss Campbell was trying to pull up.  This is an instance where procrastination can breed progress. She has succeeded in pulling up. What's even funnier is she's a little daredevil. She lets go and as she gets ready to fall she quickly grabs  the railing again. I haven't had the pleasure of catching this little stunt on video yet, but be patient; me and my handy dandy video camera are always lurking :-).

Since she's determined to stand we've pulled out her walker. Yeah yeah yeah we know the professionals say not to use walkers, but it's not the ones we used when we were learning to walk. This one she can walk or ride on. She isn't balanced enough to use it on her own yet, so Aaron is always holding his "Jenie in a bottle" making sure she doesn't fall. 
I think she's fussing at Dino!!

Lastly,  since we're doing to the countdown to 40 I know it's only fitting I address my weight loss regimen. Well, we're down to 47 days and I don't feel any more closer to my goal than when I wrote last time! I was on a roll exercising daily, closely monitoring my food intake, but then I hit a bump in the road. Two of my Chicago girlfriends visited for a whole week and since it was too blasted hot to tour outside; what did we do?? Hung out around the house and ATE. . . . I have to admit it was soo much fun. That girl time was much needed, but it knocked me off my bandwagon so hard getting back on feels impossible. Needless to say if there were any inches lost during my diligent exercising and proper eating days they're definitely back now!! Bummer. . . but I gotta tell you for the week I had with my girls I'd do it all over again!!

Here's the deal;  even if I don't lose the 20lbs to get in that size 10 dress by my birthday I will before the year is out. On another note, if nothing else, I have to build up the endurance to jog the 10K (6 miles) I've registered for on Sept 25th. My Dad and Brother are running with me and those two are super competitive and would NEVER let me live it down if I didn't finish the race! Thats' my focal point right now.

I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my wonderful family and friends who've provided encouragement, meal suggestions, and gentle exercise nudges. You guys are awesome. Please don't stop. Your input is not in vain. I will reach my goal!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Week of Constant Progression

So much has happened in one week; where do I begin???  Let's start with the fact that by the time you read this Jenesis will officially be 6 months old. Half way to the Big 1. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?????
Last week I was all excited and bragging about her turning over from back to stomach. Well let me tell you, little Buttercup has been busy!! 

Her bassinet has 3 stages. Sunday Aaron had to move the mattress down to stage 2 because Little Missy was trying to pull up!! You know what that means; next she'll be trying to climb out. So, lowering the mattress makes that endeavor challenging for her.

Sunday afternon we went to dinner for my brother's birthday and now that she has mastered balancing and can sit up on her own she used the restaurant high chair for the first time. We received this neat little cover as a baby shower gift. She's not too fond of the high chair yet.
Gotta tell you; snagging pics of her is not always easy. She has the nerve to act camera shy. Does she NOT know who her Momma is? (30+ year reigning "Picture Queen").

Since she refuses to take a bottle we are introducing her to the sippy cup. As you can see from the picture below this is going to take some getting used to. She has opted to use it for soothe her aching gums!!

Here she is getting the hang of it. I will admit most of the water got on her and the couch, but we'll keep trying until we get it right!

Last, but definitely not least Little Jenie got her first BooBoo. It is nearly impossible to get a good grasp and clip those fingernails. Unfortunately this is the result of a very bad scratch.  

Aaron and I have it bad. We video tape her with the regular video camera and as we watch that footage we use our camera to tape her watching herself (that's what you're hearing in the background as you watch this video). Here is a little insight on "frustrated Jen". She is successfully rolling back to stomach and stomach to back (this video doesn't prove that, but it's a fact) click play and enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

She's Turning . . . .

Buttercup or "Jenie in a bottle" as her Daddy calls her is progressing right on target. The infant growth chart indicates at 5 months she should be turning over and she's been caught  on video doing just that.

click "play" to catch her in action.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Countdown to 40

Ok  Family!  Mama Campbell is on a mission. It is officially 81 days to 40 and I have been slacking. I have some baby weight, food weight and "I got it from my Mama" weight that I'd like to get rid of before the
 Big 4-0.

It goes without saying that this will require some SERIOUS changes and QUICK. So, how about a few accountability partners? I have prayed and asked God to assist me with changing my eating habits, resisting temptation and being more diligent about my exercise regimen. Now, I'm reaching out to you and asking you to pray with me that I'll remain strong, steadfast and dedicated to my goal! 

Please  NOTE: I do not respond well at all to negative feedback, so if you can't offer positive reinforcement or tactfully assist don't join the journey. (I am not a Jillian Michaels fan) 
Please feel free to ask me how the transformation is coming;  I'd love to know your on my team and want to see me succeed.

I have two incentives: One is the dress below which is a size 10 and I'd like to wear it while on my birthday trip to Las Vegas.
The 2nd incentive is a 10K Sunday, September 25th. I want to run the entire 10K.

I'll keep you posted on both . . . .let the games begin.  I love and appreciate your prayers and support.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amaya and Yaphet ~ A Stamp of Love

Last week Campbell Castle had the pleasure of hosting our cousins Amaya (8) and Yaphet (4). It provided great insight on why parents have numerous kids. The various stages of life offer totally different enjoyment, and you keep having kids to relive those moments.

Jenesis ~ 5months ~ totally dependent on us. I can steal all her kisses with no refusal whatsoever. In exchange for attention, regular feedings and diaper changes you get many gummy smiles.

Yaphet ~ 4 years old ~ swiftly gaining his independence; has learned how to voice his opinon, he gives you high fives and at night requests for you and only you to read him his bedtime story . . talk about feeling special!!!!

Amaya ~ 8 years old ~ has the independence thing down to a science; she's approaching her teenage years faster than anyone can imagine.  Her Daddy's love of her shows in her confidence and self assurance.

Each stage provides its own level of interest, entertainment and humor. The experience was so good for all of us. I loved every minute of it. They are such mannerable, obedient children. They get along well and were so dang blasted considerate of one another. It was almost scary. They're the kind of kids that make you have 10 and then realize . . .all kids are NOT like them. . . LOL

One very special thing stood out; each night Amaya prayed "God, please help me be a good girl". I thought to myself, what a simple and awesome prayer. I definitely can use  help being a good girl  every now and then.

Amaya and Yaphet, thank you for leaving your great big stamp of love at Campbell Castle!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

TIB ~ Take It Back

In one week I received two memorable comments.

Monday, while in wal-mart a lady stopped to admire Jenesis.  We began to chat and she asked how old was Jenesis when I got her ears pierced. I told her two months and she goes on to say her daughter won't pierce her granddaughter's ears for fear of the granddaughter pulling on them; then she adds; "she's too over protective anyway I think it's because she was 42 when she had her" to which I  reply, "I was 39", and her husband, who has been silent during the entire conversation,  screams YOU'RE 39. . .eyes wide as saucers. It was hilarious. I tell him "thank you for today's ego boost" he's still staring at me incredulously. I walk away smiling like the Kook-Aid man.  

Fast forward to Thursday, I'm NY&C the cashier starts in on how adorable Jenesis is and she asks me how old is she and I tell her 5 months; her reply, "and you're pregnant again?" I politely tell her "no". She doesn't miss a beat; she just keeps on chatting about how it's posbbible blah blah blah.

I tell you all this because it's it just like the enemy to try and kill your thunder. I was soo excited about the man in walmart being shocked that I look so youthful for 39 (at least that's how I received the comment); then the enemy wanted to bring discouragement by having the cashier in NY&C ask me am I pregnant (basically insinuating, I'm over weight!) . Any woman knows someone mistakingly thinking you're pregnant is CLEARLY an insult! 

But I will say this . .. she did help kick me in gear. For the last month I've been saying I need to start exercising. Well, I've taken the first step by blowing the dust off my turbo jam videos . . LOL!

So, enemy you thought you were going to crush me, but instead you've motivated me!!

TIB - Take it back - That was the word in church today and I'm applying it here. . .I take back my original excitement about looking good for 39 and refuse to let the devil fill this pretty little head with thoughts of insecurities. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We recently celebrated Aaron's First Father's Day. Aaron is an  amazing father. Jenesis has truly been blessed beyond measure. I am especially grateful that he is my awesome husband.

Looks like whatever he's reading is rather amusuing. . . . . ..either that or it's some money in that card. LOL

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bon Appetit!!

It seems like yesterday Miss Jenesis was an itty bitty baby herself, but let me tell you, times flies!! This little Buttercup is sitting in her cute high chair / booster seat being spoon fed. That didn't last long though; the process was too slow for her. We put the cereal milk in a bottle and let her finish up! To be honest,  we weren't sure how that would go over because she hadn't been taking bottles, but I guess she's working with us newbies. So, now Daddy gets an opportunity to feed her as well. Bon Appetit!!

Babies on Board!

The last two weeks have been sooo exciting. In my personal circle God has chosen to give 3 new babies life; 3 families a new love; 3 more people who Christ died on the cross for.

Introducing . . . .

The oldest of the trio . . Mr. Andrew Lincoln ~ The baby boy of our good friends Anthony and Tricia. He was born May 28th weighing in at 6lbs / 8ozs and 19 3/4 inches. Cute as a button!

Miss Janay Alyse ~ The daughter of my Sister Tamira (and Brother in Law, Corvan). She was born June 6 weighing in at 6lbs / 11oz / 19 inches. Check out her dimples. My Momma  and Daddy were blessed with two granddaughters in one year! ohhh, I named her!!!

Our friend Jessica's sister gave birth to Miss Yvanna Elizabeth on June 7th. She weighed in at 7lbs / 6oz. / 19inches. A little cutie pie!

Lord, we thank You for these precious new lives! We thank you in advance for Your continued protection and blessings over these children and their families. Deut. 28!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soooooooooo Anxious

Good friends of ours Anthony and Tricia gave birth to their beautiful bundle of joy Saturday, May 28th @ 9:27am. 6lbs / 8oz / 19 1/4 inches. Notice I didn't reveal the baby's gender. I am anxiously waiting on her to post it in her blog and / or on facebook before I go blabbing.

It was soo cool being on the "other side" so to speak. Saturday morning we gathered at the hospital and waitied patiently for the news. It was fun to hang out while everyone guessed the gender of the baby, told stories about the parents birth, and shared in the nervous anticipation of first time grandparents.

The Dr. and nurses passed us by and gave us the thumbs up that Mommy and baby were fine, but they wouldn't reveal the gender, they were sworn to secrecy. We were sitting on pins and needles waiting for the revelation. . .. . then finally Daddy Scruggs finally arrived with his footprints and pictures.

Stay tuned, once I get the thumbs up I'll reveal gender and, of course, provide photos!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who knew staying well would hurt so bad!

Even babies can have bad days. Today started as a good day for Miss Jenesis. Hanging out chit chatting with her peditrician; getting kudos for weighing in at a whooping 15 pounds. Then BAM before she knows it she's being stuck TWICE by the  two "nice" nurses. Geez, it's hard out here for a baby trying to steer clear of diseases. The worst part is; she has to go back in two months and do it all over again. Who knew staying well could hurt so bad?!!?!?!?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Crabby Pattie

My little Crabby Pattie FINALLY went down for a nap. She definitely fought it tooth and nail. It's hilarious to watch her little eyelids droop then spring open, droop, spring open until finally sleep wins the battle. Granted she is notorious for only staying down about 30 minutes. I consider that a power nap because she wakes up smiling and ready for fun. Here is her "I soo need a nap" face.
hmm, the way it's storming outside makes me want to crawl in bed and take my own power nap!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chatter Box . . . In action

Angel Chats

Verbal communcation has always been been my strong point.  Jenesis is totally following in my footsteps. Her play time is filled with constant gurgling and cooing. I love to hear her exercise those little vocal cords.  I once heard when babies are gurgling, gooing and cooing they are chatting with the angels sent to protect them. I anticipate the day I understand what she's saying. . LOL. In the meantime I just eavesdrop on her  "chatting up the angels".

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Mother's Day 5-8-2011

Hello Friends and Family ~ Welcome to Campbell Castle Chats! Sunday, May 8, 2011, I celebrated my very first Mother's Day. . .can you say AWESOME! It was truly a blessing beyond measure. I woke up to my awesome hubby, and gorgeous daughter. I have waited for this day for quite a long time. It was such an honor to be among the masses in church called "Mother"!  I was over-whelmed with peace and joy. Father, thank you for hearing and answering one of my most treasured prayers. 

Thank you to all the well wishers for the cards, calls and text messages. :-)

We love and appreciate each of you for your love and blessings.

p.s. One of my most treasured gifts was a digital photo display unit. You'll see it full of pics of Jenesis when you visit.