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Monday, April 23, 2012

Daddy's Apology

Daddy's sends his sincerest apologies to Mommy and all my Delta Aunties! He said he didn't notice the Pajamas he bought me were Pink, Green and had frogs on them!!!

Exhibit A: I'm sad in these PJ's
Exhibit B: Me Still sad

In Daddy's defense he said he didn't notice the Pink, Green or frogs. All he noticed were how the feet were made like little ballernia slippers and the ruffled booty. He thought I'd look adorable in the PJ's (which I do)

 Since we see Daddy's heart was in the right place. All the Deltas of the world (along with us future Deltas) will accept Daddy's heart felt apology.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Week of Firsts

Today is Sunday, April 22nd and I am 15 months! The week leading up to it has been quite eventful.

I received my first tea pot and shared tea with a few friends
(how you like my hat?)


I had my first driving experience and of all things, in a police car.
(way cool)  

I had my first ride down a slide
(thanks Jaylen for helping me)

The first time I rocked my Purple Rain "Baby I'm a Star" sunglasses!

Check out my singing debut!!

Last, but not least, I'm taking up golf!

I got a hole in one!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!!!!

EASTER FLASHBACK . . . . . . .This was me last year!!
I know you're all wondering how did I slim down. No, I didn't use Nutri-system, Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. In fact, I eat more now than I ever have! My secret is plenty of exercise!!!! Last year, I was being carried around and waited on hand and foot. Since, I'm now, independently walking and running I've thinned out considerably AND I think I've gotten taller. . LOL
(If only my parents could keep up with me)
(oh and my hair has grown a lot too; I didn't have anything to do with that)

Fastforward to Easter 2012:

 I was excited to celebrate Easter Sunday. I got all dolled up with a fancy dress and  flat shoes (you remember what happened last time).


I thought my parents were going to take me around the church and show off my pretty clothes, nope they put me in the nursery. You wanna know the worse part??? There were no other girls there!!! I just cooled out and watched the boys play. I didn't want to mess up my dress.

After church my parents gave me an Easter basket. I was soo excited. 
It has a purse in it and lots of candy.

For me???

So, what's in this purse??

Can I eat these?

Friday, April 6, 2012

My Busy Week ~ Thursday

To be considered a true Texan you need a picture with the  Blue Bonnets, State Flower of Texas. You'll see people pulling off the side of the road and parking illegally to get a picture with the Blue Bonnets. Today me and Drew got our picture taken in the Blue Bonnet field. They only bloom late March through early April so you have to be quick! Do you have your Blue Bonnet photo yet?  Hurry because after Easter, they might be gone.

 Good Friday Friends and Family
God Loves you and he sent is only Son to die on the cross for you and me!

My Busy Week ~ Wednesday

It was an absolutely beautiful day. You would not believe the day before we encountered such treacherous weather. My Daddy and I took this opportunity to play around in the backyard a little.

I wasn't ready to come inside so I had, what my Mom calls a "temper tantrum". I don't call it that, I call it a pause for affect. . . . . Whatever it was, it didn't work. They still made me come in!


My Busy Week ~ Tuesday

  Tueday, the Dallas area had severe weather conditions. There was a tornado warning here in McKinney. It was raining hard, there was thunder and lighting.  The sirens in our area even went off.  We had to go for cover in our storm area (i.e Mommy and Daddy closet).  They thought I would get bored, so they turned my bassinet sideways to create a "tent".  We used a blanket on top of the tent to play "peek-a-boo".  We were just cooling out waiting to hear the coast is clear. We later learned there was some severe storm damage in surrounding cities, but thankfully we were not affected.