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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The New Number is . . . . .

Hey Fam!!

It's been a whirlwind of a day!  I'm going to bed now, but before going I had to tell you the big news . . . .I'm 3 years old!!!

Stay tuned for the details of my Happy Birthday later this week.
Love you and thank you all for my calls, text, emails, SKYPE, cards and gifts! I'm a very blessed 3 year old :-)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Merry Christmas Season (con't)

Now that I've learned to share videos via youtube, I'm gone kick this blog up a notch! So, be on the lookout for videos, videos and more videos!!!

Back to my Christmas season festivities! As you may or may not already know, I was asked to serve as a flower girl in my aunt's wedding.

This was a golden opportunity for me to meet more of my extended family. I got to see my Aunt Ingrid again and meet my "very soon to be" Uncle Claude.

Then I met a ton of super cool cousins!!
ps ~ Giovanna and I are starting a band!
We're looking for a lead singer and drummer.
If you're interested send us your mix tape!

In preparation for my role as a flower girl I took a moment  to chill and have some girl time. Check out my Hula Hooping Momma.

Playtime is over and it's time to get to work! 
Check us out ...we clean up well, don't we!
Confirming our names were in the program!

The Beautiful Bride to be, my Aunt Ingrid

Ok, it's my time to shine! I'm on my way down the aisle.

                                                                                          Oh, did I forget to mention?? My handsome Daddy was one of the nephews who assisted Aunt Ingrid down the aisle!!

Kendall and I have been cousins all our lives, but this was our first time meeting, so of course we had tons to catch up on. My mom called us little  Chatterboxes. I really didn't see a problem with us chatting. We'd done our duty and everyone should have been focusing on the bride and groom, right?

Speaking of the Bride and Groom . . it's official . .  .we're married now!

They had a huge dance floor and let me tell you, Michael Jackson would have been proud of my moves.

After all the wedding festivities it was time to prepare for our  New Year's Eve celebration.  For New Year's Eve we went bowling. Check out my "almost" strike.

May God Bless you in 2014 over and above all He did in 2013.

Love you, Jenesis!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Merry Christmas Season

I'm sure you're wondering where I've been! Please excuse my long hiatus,  but it has been an eventful Christmas Season to say the least! Yes, I know Christmas is over but I've finally recuperated from all the festivities.

Let's see. . .it all started December 20  with my school Christmas Program.
It was so fun! Our class sang songs and we told everyone about the birth of Jesus.

                                                                             My very first dance recital was on December 21st. Here I'm practicing my moves at the Dress Rehearsal.
Today is "the Day" we're dressed, our hair is done and we're ready to bust a move!

WE DID IT!!!!! It was soo much fun and we did an awesome job . . of course :-) We can't wait until the next time.   View the dance recital.

As if that wasn't exciting enough!  We went driving around singing Christmas carols and looking at Christmas decorations.

These were my two favorite houses. One had a Dora Santa and the other one had a carousel and that gigantic snowman. . .The BEST!!!

Christmas Eve. . . .  .. We had a very special visitor. SANTA!!!

I was diligently putting milk and cookies out (Santa requested golden oreos). Then I heard a bell and in comes Santa. Jacob had no concerns! He went right to Santa.

I, on the other hand, was a little cautious. Good thing I could use uncle Reuben legs to safely keep my distance while peeping in on things.
 I finally warmed up to Santa and he's pretty cool!
Of all the homes to stop by I'm glad he chose mine!

Christmas DAY - It was totally my intent to send a Christmas wish to you all, but  I was quite busy! Santa (and my family) were very generous to me!
I plan to cook many meals on this cool stove.  
Look out streets. . . here I come!  

                                                                                       Watch out Kenny G!

It's my job to keep my dolls hair looking good. So, grateful I have the needed tools.
                                I got a cool Leappad 2 - I bet my Mom thinks I'll leave her tablet alone . . NOT A CHANCE!

                                               SAY CHEESE!!!!

See, now I'm sure you understand why it's taken me so long to give you an update! Hold tight though, I'm still not finished. We went to Philly for a wedding and guess who was a flower girl, you guessed it.... Me!
More details on that next time. Hope your Christmas was as great as mine!