Monday, September 29, 2014

Spring Dance Recital

 If only my Chi-Town fam could have stayed a little longer. The weekend after they left was my Spring Dance Recital.

My girls and I performd "Cute As A Bug". I've learned so much in my first year of dance.  I believe, the one most important thing I've learned is, the show must go on!!  After viewing the video, wouldn't you agree?

Me and my Dance Girlfriends!

This is what Fabulous looks like!  



Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Family Reunion

Hey Fam! I need to apologize....every since I got my car I've been rather slow with the blog post. Sorry for the hiatus. I had the best summer EVER, and you don't have all the details!!!  Let me start with my peeps coming from Chicago to visit.

First to arrive was Granddaddy Willie. I hadn't see him since I was 1 year old!!! That's a loooooong time. The good thing is he remembered me and I remembered him so we were ready to pick right up.
Auntie Tamira and I wasted no time catching up. You see me chatting her up, right?! LOL  She gave my Mom a break on the hair thing. It was a bonding moment for us. 
My cousins and I couldn't wait to take my car for a spin!!

Family Day At the Zoo
The sisters Pretended to ride an elephant.

 Janay and I selected matching Doc McStuffins outfits for the zoo.
We had many outdoor adventures, but we also had playtime at the house. Jamari only wanted to go down the slide


                                                         It felt like there were kids everywhere, and I loved every minute of it.
The adults were having such a good time we flew under the radar on a few occasions. I mean, what other time would we get away with hanging out the sunroof!
During the visit, Janay watched Frozen for the first time, and she was totally captivated. She's loved it every since!

We had tons of fun and play time, but there was also work to be done. We didn't want to pass up a great photo opt! So, here we are all together, the Hudson grandkids. There's six of us now, I wonder how many will there be at the next family reunion.........

Well, that rounds up my family reunion!  I have many more adventures to share. I'll bring you up to speed in a more timely manner... hehehe