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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Frozen On Ice

It's officially Spring, but there's still ice in Texas . . .Frozen on Ice that is!!

My super cool, totally fabulous Uncle Reuben and Aunt Amy took me and her sister Victoria, to see Frozen on Ice . ..CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?

Here's the deal . . ....I had NO IDEA I was going to see Frozen.  I was perfectly content hanging out with them.

Then we pack up to go someplace. I didn't care where, just happy to be hanging with them. (in case you're wondering why, they're Awesome).

Then my Uncle brought it down to my level, looked me in the eye and told me we were going to see Frozen on Ice. . . .I was giddy. They're so awesome they recorded The Big Reveal for my Mom and Dad. Now, I'm sharing with you  . . .enjoy!!

ps  - Grandma Sandra, the Elsa dress you sent me totally came in handy!!!
Hmmm, makes me wonder if you knew about this too????

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