Thursday, April 16, 2015

Learning to Skate

My mom has her mind set on me having a skating party for my 5th Birthday. (we won't mention that my birthday is more than  9 months away or that I'm old enough to decide what kind of party I want).

All that aside, she is ensuring that I'll know how to skate for my party.
That said, we got some good practice in today. As you know, my prior practice has only been around the house and the block a few times, but today was the real deal! We went to an actual skating rink.

Here's a blow by blow of the day:
     1. I sat and observed for awhile. 
     2. We used the "walker" (I "think" that thing contributed to my falling). 
     3. My Daddy gave me a good pep talk.
     4. We hit the rink!
After going around a few times with Daddy, I was ready to venture out and take a few steps on my own...

Each step helped build my courage. So much so, that I felt the need to bust a move....... clearly I'm not quite there yet! LOL!!!  I had a blast, and must admit, I made good progress for a first timer.
(be sure and watch til the end. You don't want to miss my dance moves)

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